IELTS Course

IELTS Course

Learn The Tricks And Strategies Of English Language

Do you have a dream to come to Australia and start your career here? Do you wish to get admission to a prestigious college or university in Australia? Do you want to apply for the temporary or permanent residence visa in this country? If any or all the answers are yes then you must concentrate on improving your English communication skill.

About The IELTS Course

Even the visa officials will check your English speaking skill and determine whether you can easily communicate to survive in this country. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System which is a process of testing the communication skill of an individual in English when he wants to come and stay in an English speaking country with a certain purpose. This is considered as a tougher test process than PTE. This is older and more conservative in nature where the candidates have to use Pen and Paper for the test and the use of computer is not allowed for them.

PTE IELTS Max Australia

We Provide Training To Make You Ready

We know that you may not feel confident about your English skill, but don’t worry. We are here to help you to know, understand and pass the test easily. The test is conducted to check your proficiency in the language and ensure that you can easily communicate with the natives and non-natives also while staying in this country for a certain period.

Come and join our Free PTE IELTS Demo Class to understand how the system works and what can you do to pass these tests.

PTE IELTS Max Australia

How We Help Our Students To Score High

  • We help them to learn some tricks and techniques that can be used during the exams to understand and answer the questions.
  • We help them to understand the basic format of the grammar of English Language so that they can construct sentences easily for communication.
  • We offer them the chance to participate in mock tests for practice.
  • We give much emphasis on increasing the vocabulary of the students so that they can communicate with someone easily and confidently.
  • We give them the chance to discuss various topics so that they can feel free about speaking in English with accuracy and fluency.

What We Offer

  • IELTS training course is designed for students who want to achieve maximum result in IELTS scores, in order to get more points for immigration or university requirements.
  • Our IELTS Classes is ideal for those students who haven't taken the IELTS test or students who have already taken the IELTS exam but still need to achieve a better than previous score.
  • IELTS private 1 on 1 classes are offered by expert instructor, who have more than 10 years of experience
  • Learn all the tricks and strategies to make IELTS PTE an easy mission
  • Free demo class available
  • Price starts from $15* per class (No contract or ongoing obligation. *Terms and conditions apply)
  • Save travelling time and money, ask us how
  • We provide classes all over Australia

Some Vital Information About Our IELTS Training Process

  • 1. All IELTS material provided.
  • 2. Our experts have been very successful in helping students achieve their desired score.
  • 3. Learn all the new tricks and shortcuts of finding correct answers
  • 4. Do not spend more on this course, pay only for the classes you need
  • 5. Save your travelling time and money by joining Skype classes

In PTE IELTS Max Australia, we offer customized or structured courses for the students as per their requirements. They can attend the classes as per their flexible timing without interrupting their daily schedules. Please call us for obtaining more details about our PTE program.

To get higher grades in these exams you should join our training courses on PTE IELTS in Brisbane as soon as possible.