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Non-Native English Speakers Can Become Proficient In The English Language

At PTE IELTS Max Australia we provide complete training on the English Language to prepare the aspiring students for all the major English Language Proficiency Tests like PTE (Pearson Test of English) and IELTS (English Language Testing System).

In our latest PTE IELTS Online Classes, we follow all the guidelines set by British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP Education. There are some standardized tests on the English language conducted by all these organizations to check and recognize the proficiency of an individual on this language.

Our Aim

Our aim is to prepare our students with the strategies and techniques that they can apply during those tests to obtain a high score in the same and prove their excellence in this subject. We have teachers who are highly qualified and experienced about the latest curriculum of PTE IELTS Brisbane.

PTE IELTS Max Australia

How We Are Different

PTE IELTS Max Australia

You may find plenty of other institutes in Australia that offer the same services. Well, PTE IELTS Max Australia is different not only in words but in action too. Here are the proofs;

  • We follow a distinct syllabus for the English language which is set according to the British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP Education.
  • We not only focus on the running trend of the PTE IELTS in Brisbane but also give much emphasis on the individual English knowledge background of the students so that our training procedure can be a real help for them instead of becoming an unsuccessful attempt.
  • We prepare the courses to make it as easy as possible so that students can learn the language as well as the strategies required for all kinds of English language proficiency tests in Australia.

Things You Can Get Here

  • Private 1 on 1 classes on PTE IELTS by expert instructor, who have more than 10 years of experience in this field
  • Learn all the tricks and strategies to make IELTS PTE an easy mission
  • Free demo class available
  • Price starts from $15* per class (No contract or ongoing obligation. *Terms and conditions apply)
  • Save travelling time and money, ask us how

There are certain rules to get the permission of entering and staying in Australia. You have to get a certain grade in English Language Proficiency Test to get your permanent or temporary residency in this country or to join any Australian academic institute. One must pass these tests to get the work permit in this country as well. PTE IELTS Max Australia is dedicated and confident enough to help the interested students with the right guidance and training for tests like PTE and IELTS in Australia.

Please call us in case you wish to get the details of our courses and feel interested about joining the same.

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